Tom Salyer Miami Florida Panoramic Photographer and Photography, Panoramic Commercial and Corporate Photographer and Photography
Florida Skylines Florida Everglades National Parks

With my photojournalist's eye and years as a
commercial photographer, I blend compelling
compositions with dramatic light and precise
timing to tell unique wide view stories.

My custom panoramic images are created in
two ways, with either traditional film based

photography or modern digital technologies.

- Utilizing a custom designed Vpan 617 large
format panoramic camera, I control perspective

and focus with full front standard rise/fall, tilt
and shift, creating giant 2 1/4 inch tall by 7 inch
wide color transparencies or negatives.

By selecting large format lenses from 75 mm
wide angle to 500 mm telephoto, I maintain a
3 to 1 panoramic aspect ratio without distorting
the horizon into a curve.

Scanning film images from this traditional "straight
back" panoramic camera result in multi-hundred
megabit high resolution digital files for huge

enlargement and detail.

- With high resolution digital cameras and advanced
stitching software plus specialized camera panning
hardware to control parallax and nodal point,

I create seamless panoramics, from distant views
to all encompassing 360 degree images.

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