Tom Salyer Miami Florida Panoramic Photographer and Photography, Panoramic Commercial and Corporate Photographer and Photography
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Tom Salyer Miami Florida Panoramic Photographer

  •  Based in Miami, Florida, I specialize in wide-screen Panoramic Photography on location, photographing dramatic city Sky Lines, Architecture and natural Landscapes. I utilize state of the art digital capture with stitching software.
  • I am also a Multimedia Photographer that tells dramatic stories by creatively combining Still Photographs, Video and Audio Interviews and field-recorded Natural Sound, my goal being to give audiences a fuller, more compelling experience than any one of those elements could by themselves.
  • As a Miami Corporate Photographer I specialize in photographing Environmental Portraits of real people on location for corporate and editorial clients nationwide, and I capture real events as they unfold and communicate those stories through traditional Photojournalism.


Tom Salyer Miami  FL  305 757 4557